Trichomonas Vaginitis (STI) Treatment, Diagnosis and Symptoms

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Vaginal trichomoniasis is a parasite in the human vaginal bleeding and urethra of flagellates. It is mainly caused by trichomonas vaginitis and urethritis. It is a sexually transmitted disease. Trichomonas Vaginitis is mainly an infectious disease.

Trichomonas is a parasite. It cannot be seen from the naked eye. The trichomonas are pear-shaped or oval-shaped, long 10 ~ 30μm, a width of 10 ~ 20μm. The head has four insects and other long flagella. Under the microscope, we can see this trichomoniasis.

Trichomonas Vaginitis is very adaptable to different environments. It can grow at 25 ℃ ~ 42 ℃. At 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ low temperature it can survive for 21 days. At 46 ℃ it can survive 20 to 60 minutes. From the human body after the semi-dry conditions, it can survive for several hours.

It can enter the urethra and urethral glands and even up to the ureter and renal pelvis. The pH value suitable for the growth of Trichomonas is 5.5 to 6. If the pH is 5 or more than 7.5 then the growth of trichomonas will inhibit.

Trichomonas can cause vaginal trichomoniasis and male trichomonas non-gonococcal urethritis.

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It is colorless and transparent, with refraction, body changeable, strong activity. It has a pear shape, body length of 7 ~ 23μm. The front has a bubble nucleus. There are deep-stained particles in the cytoplasm, which are the specific hydrogen sider of the insect.


It includes sexually transmitted diseases. It can also be spread through other means. If the disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse, then the disease is sexually transmitted. The vast majority of the disease is sexually transmitted.

Clinical Classification:

The incubation period is usually 4 to 7 days. Women often show persistent infection of vaginitis. The onset can be anxious to slow. Trichomonas vaginitis mainly manifested increased vaginal secretions. Its acute phase lasts for 1 week or month. The severity of the disease causes sexual intercourse pain. Its symptoms increase after menstruation. Followed by reduced vaginal discharge, the symptoms can be completely disappeared, but the patient has become a worm. Female patients in the first diagnosis of the disease are 50% asymptomatic. Vaginal trichomonas in the urethra or bladder can cause trichomonas urethra. Vaginal trichomoniasis can swallow sperm and can cause female infertility. Some reports show trichomonas Vaginitis can also cause cell dysplasia. Therefore, the incidence of cancer was significantly higher than non-dripping women.


Female Symptoms: vaginal trichomoniasis parasitic in the girl’s vagina and urethra. Trichomonas vaginitis common symptoms are vaginal itching and increased leucorrhea. Leucorrhea can be white, red, foam, purulent or watery. It is often a typical bubble. Vaginal mucosal bleeding can cause a red band. There are suppurative bacteria that can exist at the same time as us. Trichomonas urethritis may have dysuria. Its symptoms include frequent urination.

Diagnosis of Trichomonas Vaginitis

It is diagnosed by increased vaginal discharge with moderate to severe genital itching. Vaginal secretions are thin, yellow-green, foam-like, may have a smell. Vaginal fluid pH may be significantly higher, often> 5.0. Some patients may have sexual intercourse pain and dysuria. The symptoms often fluctuate with the menstrual cycle, usually in the menstrual period after the symptoms increased.

Trichomonas Vaginitis Treatment:

We can use systemic treatment and local treatment. As vaginal trichomoniasis is often associated with the urinary system and can be hidden in the cervix glands, vaginal folds, and lower urethra.  So the simple local medication is not easy to completely disappear. So patients should choose systemic treatment first. The treatment is required for three consecutive menstrual. Trichomoniasis patients with sexual partners must be treats at the same time.

We here at ZhongBa Hospital in Lahore treat it with Chinese medicines. Our gynecologist says that it is the most effective way to treat it.

Prevention from Trichomonas Vaginitis:

By strengthening health education we can create awareness in people about this disease. We can eliminate the source of infection of this disease. We can ban the patients to go into the swimming pools. In this way, we can prevent this disease from spreading.

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