Vaginal Tightening Surgery | Vaginal Relaxation Treatment

Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal Tightening Surgery | Vaginal Relaxation Treatment

A woman faces vaginal relaxation due to natural childbirth procedure. The vagina itself has a certain repair function. But tear caused by muscle damage in vagina cannot be recovering its self. Vaginal tightening surgery is performed to improve the quality of sexual life of couples. Doctors to take traditional exercise or take surgical operation facility to fix it.

Vaginal relaxation sometimes leads to urinary incontinence, dysuria or repeated urinary tract infection. It greatly affects the quality of sexual life. Through the vaginal tightening surgery we can completely solve the problem of women.

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Surgical Treatment:

Its surgery is aimed at female vaginal physiological changes and to improve the quality of life of couples. Treatment is based on urethra, bladder and rectum bulging and design of a gynecological plastic surgery. When the appropriate exercise cannot make up for this regret then doctors perform surgery. Vaginal relaxation not only affects the pleasure of females but affects her husband, because as the time passes the husband feels unsatisfied.

Doctors advise patients to stop smoking before surgery. Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding. So that’s why patient should avoid from these drugs before surgery.

Tightening surgery is a very small and simple operation. Gynecologists in Lahore perform this operation by giving local anesthesia to patients. Patients do not need hospitalization. The postoperative quality of life will be significantly improved. Patients only need to go to the hospital in the non- menstrual period related to preoperative examination.

Although with the scientific and technological progress of the continuous improvement in technology, vaginal tightening surgery is already a very small operation. But the surgery has a certain risk. Vaginal compression will have some side effects. Actually vaginal tightness is very professional surgery so its vision is very small. Small mistake can easily to damages the vagina and around organs. But these conditions are rare. So gynecologist recommends that for vaginal tightening should go to a professional hospital, so as to avoid vaginal tightening side effects. After the operation pay attention to vulva health. Keep stool smooth. Have bed rest for 7 days. Avoid sexual life for at least 2 months.

When not to have this surgery?

Women with following conditions are unfit for this surgery.

  • Women with vaginal inflammation.
  • Severe cervicitis patients.
  • High blood pressure patients are not fit for this operation.

Doctors suggest patient that do not lift heavy objects. Use some antibiotics after the operation in order to avoid the infection. The compression of vagina after the surgery depends upon its relaxation state before surgery.

Drugs Treatment:

Common Methods:

Use pure plant ingredients. Push the gel into the vagina and slowly withdraw the pusher. When used to clean the vulva, with the index finger to push the device along the vagina gently push 3-4 cm. Cervical erosion has a strong anti-inflammatory itching effect. It can be a good repair and improve the vaginal loose state. In addition, there are many remedies in Chinese medicine that can improve the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation.

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