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Vaginal itching is caused by a variety of diseases. It can also occur in the normal vagina. Increased itching can make the patient restless. It affects the daily life of females.

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Vaginal Itching Treatment – Gynecologist and Urologist at Zaib Hospital Lahore

Itching generally increased at night. There is no cause of genital itching. It commonly occurs only in reproductive age or postmenopausal women. It may spread on more than the entire genitals, but may also be limited to a specific or unilateral genital. Although itching is very serious, even it is unbearable.

Trichomonas vaginitis or vaginal itching is genital itching. Increased leucorrhea is the main symptom. Needle disease is caused by genital itching. Diabetic patients with urinary sugar face vulvar skin irritation. Vulvar itching is particularly inflammatory, or even unbearable. But the local skin and mucosal appearance are normal. Excessive scratching causes scars and scabs. In patients, jaundice, vitamin A, B deficiency, anemia, leukemia, and other chronic diseases in patients causes genital itching. Gynecological cholestasis during pregnancy can also occur, including the vulva, including systemic skin itching. According to the itching parts, the anus, labia, scrotum itching of these three parts are collectively referred to as genital itching.

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Mild itching cannot affect life activities. It doesn’t cause too much harm. When it becomes serious it seriously affects daily life activities. You cannot even sleep well at night. This is particularly serious. The emergence of genital itching may be accompanied by leucorrhea. If there is leucorrhea, then there may also be vaginitis. So in this condition, you need to visit the hospital. So the doctor can diagnose it early and provide its treatment. If the cause of itching becomes clear then it can be easily cured.

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Fungal and trichomonas vaginitis is the most common reason for vaginal itching. Scabies can also cause itching. Drugs allergy, chemical crystal stimulation of soap, and use of condoms can become a reason for itching. Unsanitary conditions cause itching. Like, don’t pay heed to vulva cleaning. Unsanitary sexual intercourse can be a cause of itching. Pregnancy and premenstrual vulva infusion can lead to vulvar itching discomfort.


In examination gynecologist asks the following questions from the females:

  • For how long have you been facing this condition?
  • How much intense it is?
  • How much leucorrhea?
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  • Keep the menstrual hygiene while keeping the vulva clean and dry.
  • Choose cotton underwear. Do not wear too tight underwear.
  • Note that when cleaning the vulva every day, it is best not to use water or soap to clean the vulva.
  • Pay attention to your health. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
Tricks to prevent Vaginal Itching – Best Female Urologist in Lahore
  1. Eat more coarse grains, such as oats, brown rice, corn, pumpkin, whole wheat bread.
  2. Wear loose cotton clothes. Don’t wear silk clothes to avoid chemical fiber clothing and skin friction. Newly bought underwear is recommended to wear after, to prevent the chemical process of clothing caused by skin allergies.
  3. Have some exercise. Sleep well and relax.
  4. Strengthen the skin touch. When we touch the baby, it will let the baby emotionally stable. It is a healthy development. Skin is the same. We need to care for the health of the skin. Dry, itching, tingling, and other phenomena are the skin to protest against us. Scratching with sharp nails will help females temporarily, but it will bring greater damage to the skin. Then skin itching will become more serious. A gynecologist in Lahore advises that you should touch it gently. Massage it with gentle hands.
  5. Active treatment of diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease can cause or aggravate vaginal itching.

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