Leucorrhoea: Vaginal Discharge Treatment


Leucorrhoea: Vaginal Discharge Treatment

Leucorrhoea is the vaginal discharge. Under normal circumstances there is small amount of white colored sticky and odorless cervical secretion of mucus. When the reproductive organs have inflammation and tumor then vaginal discharge can be increase. It was purulent or bloody with odor. It should be promptly check.

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It is cause by vaginal mucosal exudate, cervical gland and endometrial glandular secretions. Under normal circumstances, the quality and quantity of vaginal discharge changes with the menstrual cycle. In the mid-menstrual cycle ovaries releases eggs. 2 to 3 days after ovulation, vaginal discharge becomes turbid, sticky and less.

Most women during vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea do not pay attention to personal hygiene. Females can use clean water to clean the vulva. If there are no gynecological diseases, there is no need for special sterilization and anti-inflammatory. It is best not to use too much female lotion. According to reports the women who use solutions to clean vulva have 73% more chances to get pelvic infection. These solutions destroy vaginal self-cleaning function. Pathogens take advantage of this condition and cause infection.

There is a small amount of secretion from the endometrium. It is white, flocculent, with a viscous liquid. Its amount and traits slightly changes with the menstrual cycle.

Psychological Leucorrhoea:

Leucorrhoea sensitivity varies from person to person. Some women have a lot of discharge, but without any discomfort. They are anxious to seek treatment. This is related to my character, social status and cultural level. In fact, all the health effects of estrogen cause genital drainage. It should not be understood as lesions. About 10% of the patients with increased leucorrhoea are suffering because of psychological issue. So patients with increased vaginal discharge should first distinguish whether it is psychological or pathology leucorrhoea.

When the band-like discharge outflows, there will be a creamy feeling. It is different from vaginitis and cervical erosion caused by increased vaginal discharge. It contains more than 95% of water. Sometimes it causes itching in genital organs.

Pathological leucorrhoea

(A) Non-inflammatory.

(B) Inflammatory.

  • Bacterial vaginitis.
  • Trichomonas vaginitis.
  • Fungal vaginitis.
  • Senile vaginitis.
  • Gonorrhea vaginitis.
  • Chronic cervicitis or cervical erosion.

(C) Guide was stimulated vaginal discharge.


Causes of Leucorrhoea


Leucorrhoea Treatment:

Different types of leucorrhoea have different types of treatment.

  1. Trichomonas vaginitis: For this disease doctors prescribes some medicines. Our gynecologist advises patients that drinking is banned for you. At the same time doctors also provide some necessary treatment to her sex partner.
  2. Fungal vaginitis: This disease can be cured with the help of antibiotics. Place the NY statin suppositories / Dacron suppositories equal to the vagina.

3 bacterial vaginitis or non-specific vaginitis: It is mostly anaerobic infections, metronidazole topical or oral treatment.

  1. Senile vaginitis: add estrogen to increase vaginal resistance, antibiotics inhibit bacterial growth.
  2. Cervical polyps, sub mucosal fibroids: surgical removal.

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