Hymenoplasty in Lahore | Hymen Repair Surgery


Hymenoplasty in Lahore | Hymen Repair Surgery in Lahore

The surgery is done to restore the virginity of females. Hymenoplasty is performed through cosmetic surgery method. In this surgery gynecologist restore or re-create a new hymen. Hymen refers to the female vaginal mouth of circular mucosal folds. Its size is about 1 -2 mm thick.

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgery. In general, the vast majority of hymen break can be repaire by surgery. But because of pregnancy or large mouth of vagina it becomes difficult to restore hymen. The best time for hymen repair surgery is 10 days before the next menstrual cramps.

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Hymenoplasty in Lahore:

Surgical Approach:

Hymen restore cosmetic surgery generally only takes 15-30 minutes. After surgery, hymen is coated with a little antibiotic ointment. Usually it is stitched for five days. For those who have more sexual life, the surgery for them will be slightly more complex. In this condition doctors need to do hymen reconstruction surgery. No matter what method in surgery, the patient basically feels no pain. After surgery, the hymen is generally recovers in one to two months. But during this period gynecologist prohibit from cycling or riding in order to avoid tearing again. The most appropriate marriage time is 2 to 3 months after the hymenoplasty.

Surgical Characteristics of Hymenoplasty:

It is performs by cosmetic surgery method to restore or recreate hymen. At present the most advanced hymenoplasty in Lahore is a Korean minimally invasive surgery. We look at the introduction of minimally invasive hymen repair. Through this method doctors can make the hymen to restore the state before the rupture. But the hymen restore is not the thing that everyone can do.

Minimally invasive surgery is entirely different from Korean minimally invasive surgery method. In ordinary hymen repair ordinary surgical materials are used. Ordinary surgery’s postoperative effect is not guaranteed. It may be accidentally easy to cause again hymen break.

Through Korean minimally invasive hymen repair surgery, success rate not only improve but also reduce the risk of infection of the stitches. Minimally invasive hymen restore has been successfully carried out thousands of cases of hymen repair.

Hymen repair surgery cost in Lahore depends upon the condition of female organ. Only gynecologist can tell you about the cost after examining the condition of patient. To further know about the cost, it is better that you live chat with our online medical expert.

Postoperative Condition of Hymenoplasty:

After Hymenoplasty the damage hymen restores. Having sex after operation can cause bleeding. The surgery removes the psychological burden of patients. It enhances self-confidence of patients. It improves the quality of sexual life. Hymen repair surgery is simple. It has no side effects. Surgery takes about half an hour. Because of the use of local anesthesia, patients feel no pain. There is no need to rest after surgery. Surgery does not affect the normal work and life. It will not affect the menstrual cramps.

Are there any side effects of Hymenoplasty?

Many patients when come for consultation at ZhongBa Hospital they ask from our gynecologist that is there any side effects of this surgery?

Our doctors say them that this is a gynecological surgery. Doctors use local anesthesia to avoid pain. It does not have any reactions. The correct care is helpful for its fast recovery. After one week of hymenoplasty patient need to eat antibiotics.

When we cannot do Hymenoplasty?

  • During pregnancy.
  • During menstrual period.
  • When the environment is unhealthy.
  • When a person is suffering from STD. So get its treatment first.

Our female Chinese gynecologist Dr. Guofen Liu does hymenoplasty in Lahore at ZhongBa Hospital. She has a vast experience in performing these kinds of surgeries.

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