Bartholin Gland Cyst Treatment, Symptoms And Causes

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Bartholin Gland Cyst Treatment, Symptoms And Causes

The Bartholin’s (BAHR-toe-Linz) glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening.  Mostly, you can’t feel or see these organs. The Bartholin glands make a little measure of discharge that infuses the external genital parts, or vulva. Sometimes the openings of these glands become obstructed, causing fluid to back up into the gland. The result is relatively painless swelling called a Bartholin’s cyst. These growths can go in evaluation from a pea to an extensive sandstone. They typically develop gradually. If it gets infectious, it develops into a Bartholin organ ulcer and needs Bartholin gland cyst treatment.

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Precautions During Bartholin Gland Cyst Treatment

Bartholin gland cysts are regularly less and easy. Some left without treatment. In any case, You have side effects, you may need Bartholin gland cyst treatment. Sometimes, the growth is infectious, you will require treatment. Things like contamination, thick bodily fluid, or swelling can resist a Bartholin gland tube and cause a cyst. The growth can get higher after sex, in light of the fact that the organs make more discharge during sex.  Infected Bartholin blisters are caused by sexually transmitted diseases. You can bring down your risk of STIs by utilizing a condom when you engage in sexual relations.

 Bartholin Gland Cyst Treatment – Best Gynecologist in Lahore

You may not have any signs or symptoms if the Bartholin gland cyst is very small. But an enhanced cyst or an infected cyst can cause symptoms.

  • Discomfort when you walk, sit, or have sex
  • Redness or swelling in the vulva area
  • A painless lump in the vulva area.

Symptoms of an infected cyst include:

  • Fever and chills
  • Swelling of the vulva area
  • Drainage from the cyst
  • Pain that gets worse and makes it hard to walk, sit, or move around.

Bartholin Gland Cyst Treatment at Zaib Medical Center

A pustule is little and shows no expressions, our gynecologist may prescribe no Bartholin cyst treatment, yet the patient will be made a request to report any development in the span of the sore. Any irregularity in the vaginal zone ought to be accounted for, particularly if the patient has begun menopause. Zaib Medical Center has the best gynecologist Dr. Goufin Liu. Our specialist may recommend anti-infection agents and also provide effective Chinese herbal medicines.

This will involve:

  • Inserting a tube into the cyst
  • Inflating the tube to fix it in place
  • leaving the tube for 2 to 4 weeks, to allow the liquid to drain through the catheter, and a normal opening to form