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Causes of Uterine Fibroid | Fibroid Treatment in Lahore – Zaib Hospital Lahore

Uterine fibroids are common benign tumors of the female uterus. Mostly in women of childbearing age, menopause will gradually shrink. In general, women with fibroids do not see any symptoms. But when the complications occur, they should be actively treated. causes of uterine Fibroid are following as:-

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Female infertility is one of the major causes of uterine fibroid. Medical experts’ study pointed out that the size of the fibroids, the number, and location of different complications caused by the severity. The growth of fibroids may distort the uterine cavity and causes potential problems. When the fibroids block the fallopian tubes or hinder the sperm from the cervix through the fallopian tube then it can cause infertility.

Causes of Uterine Fibroids

With tumor pregnancy, uterine fibroids may cause recurrent miscarriage, premature birth, fetal malocclusion, and placental decline. ZhongBa Hospital experts reported that uterine fibroids found in the first pregnancy may grow up, it may shrink, but ultimately there will not be much change.

Menstrual Abnormal – Best Fibroids Doctor in Lahore – Treatment without Surgery in Lahore

Uterine fibroids may cause excessive menstrual flow leading to anemia. When bleeding is too much, take the appropriate treatment. In addition, the menstrual period may also be a serious dysmenorrhea phenomenon.

Pelvic pain

Uterine fibroids may also cause low back pain and pelvic pain during sexual life. When the uterine fibroids grow out of the uterine cavity, it will cause severe abdominal pain. Gynecologist recommends that patients in this situation take timely treatment.

Uterine Fibroid Treatment through Hysterectomy – Best Female Gynecologist in Lahore

Part of the uterine fibroids of women may face hysterectomy. Although this is a permanent treatment of uterine fibroids, once the removal of the uterus, the women in the future life will never get pregnant. The gynecologist reported that some minor complications may occur after hysterectomy. Approximately half of the patients had mild urinary tract infections. Mild pain and mild vaginal bleeding are also associated with this procedure. More seriously, postoperative potential dangerous complications are uncommon, including infection and blood clots.

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