Annex Inflammation | Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries Treatment in Lahore

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Annex Inflammation | Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries Treatment in Lahore

Female genital organs such as ovaries and Fallopian tubes are referred to as uterine attachments. Annex inflammation belongs to ovarian inflammation and the Fallopian tube, but these are associated with the inflammation of uterine connective tissues and pelvic peritonitis, which is not treated easily and it is very difficult to isolate and diagnose this infection. In the inflammation of the pelvic organs, the most common inflammation is salpingitis, pelvic peritonitis, ovarian inflammation coexist and mutual factors.

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Annex Inflammation – PCOS Treatment – Zaib Hospital Lahore

The most common inflammation symptoms included chronic pelvic pain, ovarian effusion, high fever, and lower abdominal pain, leucorrhea, increased discomfort, etc. normally, it is caused due to some pathogenic microbial invasion in the genital organs and increases the infection at sensitive sites. There are two types of this disease.

  • Acute annex inflammation
  • Chronic annex inflammation

The symptoms of acute inflammation are lower abdominal pain, fever, and chills. In chronic attachment inflammation, the disease shows a different degree of variation such as abdominal bulge, vaginal discharge, menstrual disorder, back pain, and pull feeling. Many other factors increase the duration of inflammation and become severe.

  • Fallopian or pelvic tube in adjacent organ infection known as appendicitis and caused by direct contact with tubal inflammation.
  • pelvic peritonitis inflammation generally occurs in the Fallopian ovaries and tubes.
  • With the help of intrauterine devices, when patients do not pay complete attention to surgical operation and personal hygiene.
  • Without strict uterine operation and disinfection such as uterine lipiodol angiography, suction surgery, cervical canal treatment, detergents, and disinfectants are not under strict obstetric surgery.
  • When patients do not pay proper attention to a menstrual period and menstrual health of sexual intercourse or even dirty sex.
  • Infection at other parts of the body without timely treatment, the pathogen gain entry via ovarian inflammation or blood, it is more common in tuberculosis diseases.

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The treatment period of Annex inflammation commonly covers seven to ten days. Drug treatment mostly proves to be an initial and supportive treatment to cure the disease. The cure rate is 80%. But there are other methods available according to the prescription of the doctor. But sometimes the condition is severe and needs proper treatment to cure.

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