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Best Female Urologist in Lahore | Zaib Hospital Lahore

Female urology disorders treatment often successfully eliminates or controls the urology problems. Women visit a female urologist in Lahore when they find different conditions related to female genitourinary organs and related to the organs of urination and reproduction tract treatments. These organs are:

  1. Pelvic prolapse ( when weakened pelvic muscles cause organs in the pelvis to slide out of place).
  2. Urethral strictures (narrowing of the tube that carries urine from your bladder).
  3. Urinary incontinence (loss of urine control).
  4. Cystocele (a condition in which the bladder sags into the vagina).
  5. Urethral diverticulum (a bulge in the urethra, that traps urine, causing urinary tract infections).
  6. Vaginal mesh complications (problems caused by a vaginal mesh used to treat prolapse or incontinence)
  7. Vaginal bulge (when weakened muscles allow the vaginal wall to bulge).

The most common of these circumstances are vaginal mesh, pelvic prolapse, urinary incontinence complications. For these severe conditions, consult with a female urologist in Lahore.

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Female Urologist in Lahore – Zaib Hospital Lahore

Incapability to control urination occurs for a variety of causes such as:

  • Radiation treatment for cancer.
  • Also when strains on the pelvic area.
  • Advancing age and during childbirth.

The problem may be uncommon and have minor nature, with just a few droplets of urine lost when maximum stress is put on the bladder. In more severe conditions, a woman may lose a large volume of urine unexpectedly. Treatments for these conditions vary depending on the reason.

Pelvic Treatment in Lahore

A network of ligaments and muscles provides support to the organs in the pelvis. During childbirth, radiation treatment, being overweight, normal aging, and other stresses may weaken the support of the organs and allow the uterus and bladder to drop in the vagina. This is known as pelvic prolapse. It also affects urination and some other functions of the pelvis. At Zaib Hospital and Medical Center Lahore, there are different treatments and medications available that are necessary for the treatment and correction.

Vaginal Mesh Complications – Hymen Repair Treatment in Lahore

When the pelvic muscles become more weakened, it can lead to different disorders which include vaginal bulge and prolapse. A female Urologist in Lahore at Zaib Hospital provides the treatment of this weakness by synthetic mesh implantation in the vaginal wall. This is an effective support for weak muscles. In some cases, it may prove harmful for infectious and injured pelvic organs.  Surgery usually improves these issues and restores normal function.

Urologist in Lahore – Female Sexologist at Zaib Hospital Lahore

Numerous female urologic conditions are deal with effectively correct information and procedures. In Zaib Hospital we have the best urologist in Lahore, Dr. Guofen Liu. In addition to medicines, she utilizes the most recent procedures—including automated surgery to treat issues of the female urogenital tract. Her multidisciplinary approach empowers us to work together with different masters as important to give thorough treatment that completely tends to your condition. Our Chinese doctors in Lahore are treating patients with full zest. We are engaged in the most recent therapeutic advancements, so we can give phenomenal care to our patients. Female urologists in Lahore, prepare medicinal replacements (experienced doctors looking for cutting-edge preparation) in currently accepted procedures.

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