Hematuria (Blood in urine) Treatment in Lahore

Hematuria treatment in Lahore,Blood in urine treatment in Lahore

Do you know about Hematuria (Bleeding in women’s urine)?

Hematuria (blood while urination) is the serious medical term which can be a symptom of many fatal health risks you are having in your body. Due to some sickness in your urinary tract system or in your kidney blood cells leaks in your urine and passes out while urination.

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Our Urologist For Treatment of Blood in Urine:

We have all the expertise and skillful staff at ZhongBa hospital to give you the comprehensive care and treatments with latest Chinese techniques to give you the best Blood in urine treatment in Lahore.

Make an appointment with our very experienced Chinese Urologist Dr. Goufen Liu for Blood in urine treatment in Lahore. She will treat your ailments through traditional Chinese herbal medicines and with latest Chinese technology at Zhongba hospital.

What can be the reason of Hematuria?

There a number of reasons and factors which causes this sickness of Bleeding in women’s urine. The major cause of bleeding is when your bladder has abnormally overgrown bacteria enters your body via the urethra. Kidney stones, kidney infections, or any injury in your body can also cause the hematuria.

Signs and symptoms of Hematuria:

Some persons never notice their illness and that infection heal on their own. Symptoms of Bleeding in women’s urine varies according to the severity of the infection. Some general signs of this disorder are:

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