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Every woman who becomes pregnant is curious to know that what will be the expected date of birth of their child. Besides mothers, fathers are more curious. They try to make guesses and predict the delivery date by their own. But that date is not as much accurate as it is told by automated due date calculator.

Pregnancy Due Date CalculatorZhongBa Hospital in Lahore has a well-developed gynecology department. The gynecology department is fully equips with latest equipment and technologies. As we are providing better facilities to our patients in our hospital, we are also providing them facilities off board. We are providing the facility of automated pregnancy due date calculator to our patients. It is present on our website.

The calculator is very simple. It is very easy to use. Let me guide you something about the calculator first:

In order to see the delivery due date all you need to do is select the first date, month and year of your last period. After selecting the date it will show you the expected due of your delivery. This pregnancy due date calculator provides you almost exact date. But you also have to keep this thing in your mind that in many cases female faces premature delivery cases. This calculator does not provide this facility.

If face any difficulty in regarding using this calculator or you have any question in your mind then you can live chat with our online medical expert. Our experts will try to resolve your problem.