Ovarian Cyst Treatment, Causes, Diagnoses – Zaib Hospital Lahore

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Ovarian Cyst Treatment, Causes, Diagnoses – Zaib Hospital Lahore

Ovarian Cyst:

Ovarian cyst or PCOS is a broad sense of the ovarian tumor. Women of all ages can become victim. But the most common this disease is found in females of 20 to 50 years old. Ovarian cancer is a common genital tumor. There are a variety of different natures and shapes, namely: side or bilateral, cystic or solid, benign or malignant, of which cystic common, have a certain malignant proportion.

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Factors Involve in causing it:

1. Genetic Factors

According to statistics, 20% to 25% of patients with ovarian cancer have a family history.

2. Endocrine factors

Ovarian tumors occur in the reproductive age. Many patients with ovarian cyst and PCOS produce too much androgen and the excessive production of androgen is due to abnormality in the endocrine system.

3. Lifestyle Factors

Long-term diet, bad living habits, psychological pressure causes this disorder and ovarian real mass.

4. Environmental Factors

Food contamination such as the use of vegetables and livestock can be a cause of it. In recent years, China have improved living standards and eating habits in order to prevent this disease from spreading.

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Diagnosis at Zaib Hospital Lahore

The diagnosis of ovarian cyst or PCOS is mostly different from easy to difficult with the size and shape of the tumor. When gynecologist questions about the disease history, then she should not only pay attention to the genital organ’s history but also pay attention to the other important organs problem history. The doctors should examine the whole body clinically and physically. So there should body examination instead of a gynecological examination. Especially doctors should do an abdominal examination because it is also very important. A Gynecologist in Lahore should take the help of other auxiliary diagnostic methods if necessary. With a comprehensive analysis and disease history then doctors can get to the correct diagnosis.

The patients may have abdominal mass history, and no serious symptoms or other performance effects on the body. Generally, doctors can check the boundaries and activity of the uterus and mass with the diagnosis of visual, touch, or both on the abdomen.

Treatment in Lahore

The treatment of cyst depends on the patient’s age. It also depends on whether the cyst is malignant, cyst size, and also its growth rate.

1. Surgical Treatment of Benign Cyst

(1) Ovarian cyst resection: This treatment method is mostly used to treat young patients. Doctors try as much as possible to retain the normal ovarian tissues.

(2) Oviduct ovariectomy: This method is used for patients of older age (45 years of age) or postmenopausal patients. It is noteworthy that the treatment of a larger cyst should be regardless of the size of the incision to complete removal. During surgery should pay attention to rapid changes in abdominal pressure caused by pulse.

2. Surgical Treatment of Malignant Ovarian Cyst

(1) The majority of the patients didn’t get treatment earlier. When it becomes too late then do everything to remove the cyst. As the ovarian malignant cyst is often associated with the uterus, attachment adhesion or infiltration, seamless, and close to the pelvic peritoneum then it leads to ureteral resection.

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