Bartholin Cyst Treatment and Diagnosis

Bartholin Cyst Treatment
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Bartholin Cyst Treatment, Diagnosis and Clinical Manifestation:

Bartholin cyst is cause due to vestibular gland duct obstruction, secretions accumulated from it. The acute inflammation subsided after the obstruction of the gland. The secretions cannot be discharged. The pus gradually changes into the liquid and form cysts. Glandular mucus or congenital duct stenosis poor drainage can also form cysts. But it is also due to vestibular glandular injury. Such as the perineum and vaginal laceration after childbirth scar obstruction gland duct. The perineal incision surgery damages the duct.

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Clinical manifestation:

Bartholin cyst vary in size. It mostly is in small size and it increases gradually. Sometimes it sustains for several years and remains unchanged. If the cyst is small and no infection, the patient may have no symptoms. If the cyst is large, the patient may feel the vulva has a bulge or patient can also face sexual intercourse discomfort. Check cysts mostly unilateral, but also for bilateral, cysts were oval.


Through the location and appearance of cysts and local palpation without inflammation it can be diagnosed. If necessary, then local puncture, and abscess identification can be made. The resection of the cyst can be diagnosed by pathological examination.

Bartholin Cyst Treatment:

If the cysts grow up, then it affects the life. The repeated infection often causes the formation of abscess. Gynecologist says that the feasible treatment method is papillary cyst ostomy. This method is simple. It causes small damage. It retains the gland function. But the stoma should be large enough. After the stoma is best to put drainage, every day with hydrogen peroxide or 2% iodophor rinse once, a total of 3 to 4 times to prevent postoperative adhesions closed again to form cysts. Once the abscess is formed, it should be cut and drained.

In recent years, the use of carbon dioxide laser for ostomy treatment becomes very popular. It has no adverse reactions. It is a simple operation. The treatment time is very short. There is no need to suture the wound. The patient can be in the outpatient treatment. Due to the high thermal effect of laser cells it can cause coagulation. Due to laser affinity for hemoglobin, it has a better coagulation effect. Intraoperative and postoperative less bleeding can retain the normal function of the gland. There is no impact on sexual life. Patient faces no infection after surgery. There is no need to use antibiotics. But the scope of application of such technology is not yet wide.

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