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In all cases of infertility, 30% to 40 % are due to irregular ovulation. If there are no periods, abnormal periods, or irregular bleeding, it shows there is no ovulation. This condition is anovulation, irregular menses, or ovulation.

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A doctor prescribed you fertility drugs to stimulate your ovulation by screening out other medical conditions. This drug promotes ovulation by recruitment of eggs by the ovaries and correct abnormal ovulation. About 10% of Women who use clomiphene will usually deliver twins (in the general population only 1% of women deliver twins). After the last dose of clomiphene, you can expect to ovulate for about seven days. If you cannot expect,  you can increase your dose up to 150 mg per day each month.

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For irregular menses or ovulation, the specialist is referred, when you don’t get pregnant after all. Cervical mucus develops, which prohibits sperms to move in the uterus, intrauterine insemination (IUI) is used. Sometimes, these drugs make mucus named Hostile for the sperm, which keeps the sperm from waving into the uterus, which increases infertility. Sperms are directly injecting into the uterus, which increases fertility. It also thins the endometrial lining.

Some of the hormones may cause abnormal bloating and discomfort. which is a very harmful condition. By using these drugs about 90 % women get ovulate and there are high chances of infertility and only 20 % to 60 % get pregnant by using these drugs.

Then How to Treat Irregular Menses and Ovulation Problems?

But the only best way to get rid of all these conditions is to get an appointment with a specialist. Some doctors do not pay proper attention while handling these conditions. So, always try to get an appointment with the gynecologists. Our Chinese gynecologist in Lahore, Dr. Guofen Liu pays appropriate attention to overcome your problems. Irregular menses or ovulation is a common problem that also depends on environmental factors. All these conditions belong to the patient’s condition and hygiene food.

Gynecologists also offer very effective treatment of irregular menses or ovulation or other infertility related to this. Our doctors at Zaib Medical Center are professionals and prove their best treatment in the field of gynecology.

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