Reasons for Late Period

Reasons for Late Period

Reasons for Late Period | Why is My Period Late ?

Menstrual delay is also known as delay menstruation. It is a common type of menstrual disorders. Female menstrual cycle is generally between 21 to 35 days. On an average, cycle is of 28 days. Early or delayed 7 days, is still a normal range. The length of the cycle varies from person to person. But if it is more than 7 days, then it is menstrual delay. It affects the female central nervous system and various uterine various factors. Women of childbearing age found menstrual delay more than 10 days, should first rule out pregnancy. Following are the reasons for late period:

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Causes of Late Period:

1. Pregnant

In the menstrual delay after 10 days, you can go to the hospital for urine pregnancy test. If test is positive then you are likely to be pregnant. Pregnancy will have some other symptoms, such as chills, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and so on.

2. Drugs

Taking progesterone drugs such as emergency contraceptives become the reasons for late period. It can cause prolonged luteal phase, can cause menstrual delay. A new generation of gastric motility drugs may also cause menstrual delay.

3. Surgery:

Such as intrauterine surgery caused by uterine cavity or cervical adhesions Erzhi blood cannot be discharged. So that it cause menstruation delay.

4. Endocrine Disorders

Obesity, excessive diet, living impermanence, premature ovarian function, polycystic ovary syndrome can cause female endocrine disorders. Then menstrual delay occurred.

5. Chronic Diseases

Chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis, cancer, hypothyroidism, severe anemia, lack of vitamin E, etc., often lead to menstrual delay.

6. Mental Factors:

Such as mental stress, environmental changes and other psychological factors can cause delayed menstruation.


Menstruation delayed a week or so, is a normal situation. If you have sex, take condom contraception. Condoms did not appear rupture, discharge, etc. Then there is no possibility of pregnancy. Early pregnancy test paper self-test rate is also low. It is recommended to observe it closely. If menstrual extension of about 10 days then you can go to the hospital for blood HCG examination, clear whether pregnant.

After the exclusion of pregnancy, should be based on specific conditions, select the necessary laboratory and auxiliary examination methods like:

  1. Ovarian function test.
  2. Pituitary function check.
  3. B ultrasound examination to understand whether the ovarian cystic changes.
  4. Magnetic resonance examination of pituitary microadenoma.
  5. Saddle CT examination to understand whether the pituitary adenoma.


  1. Gynecologist in Lahore inquires about past medical history, recent history of surgery and medication history.
  2. Make a diagnosis with laboratory results. Mainly clear the reason for late periods, the distinction is organic or functional menstrual delay.

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