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Ovulation is the process in which a female lays eggs that takes part in fertilization. How women can check that which day is the ovulation day for her? Zaib Hospital gynecologist Dr. Guofen Liu is answering this question by telling the ovulation symptoms. Following are the symptoms:

Symptoms of Ovulation – Zaib Hospital and Medical Center Lahore

Cervical Mucus Observation

Menstrual clean cervical mucus is often thick and less. When there is no mucus it refers to the “dry period”. Experts say that it’s a non-ovulation period. Increased vaginal secretions refer as the “wet period”. While close to the ovulation period, the mucus becomes clear, smooth, and elastic, like an egg. Therefore, in the emergence of genital moist feeling that is ovulation, also known as “easy pregnancy”. Planned conception should be selected before the ovulation period “wet period”.

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Leucorrhea Treatment in Lahore – Best Gynecologist in Lahore

In a menstrual cycle, leucorrhea is not immutable. Most of the time, leucorrhea is relatively dry, relatively thick, but also less. In the middle of the two menstrual, there comes a day in which leucorrhea becomes clear, bright, increased, like eggs. This day is the ovulation period. This is due to ovulation when a higher concentration of estrogen, secrete a lot of leucorrhea.

Nipple Tenderness – Breast Specialist at Chinese Hospital Lahore

Women have a feeling that sometimes the nipples become very sensitive. Feeling pain in nipples while rubbing, squeezing them. This is because the nipple and mammary duct are very sensitive to estrogen. The role of estrogen in ovulation causes the nipple to become larger, red, and darker. These all are ovulation symptoms.

Medium Pain Monitoring – Zaib Medical Center

In the middle of two menstruations, some women will feel lower abdominal pain, which is called “mid-term pain”. In mid-term pain, the egg from the ovaries is discharged. Mid-term pain is one of the symptoms of ovulation. Mid-term pain usually occurs 2-3 hours before ovulation. Some people will feel like cramps or fork gas. Sensitive people can feel pain the day before ovulation. The peak of pain is for 30 minutes to 3 hours. Women feel lower abdominal pain in almost all parts. Mid-term pain is not easy to be perceived but is concerned, most people can feel. You can more accurately grasp the ovulation day by the combination of basal body temperature and mid-term pain.

Bleeding – Menstruation ( Irregular Periods Treatment)

In the mid-menstrual period, that is the ovulation period, due to a brief decline in estrogen levels, female faces regular vaginal bleeding, known as ovulation bleeding. In Chinese medicine, we called it “intermittent bleeding “. It is one of the big ovulation symptoms.

Ovulation Calculator – Best hospital in Lahore

Besides ovulation symptoms, you can also check your ovulation day. Zaib Hospital also provides the facility of a free ovulation calculator for females. By using this calculator you can predict your ovulation day. It is very easy for us.