Menstruation Treatment – Irregular Periods at Zaib Hospital Lahore

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Menstruation treatment in Lahore | Irregular Periods Treatment

Menstruation treatment often varies based on the type of irregularities and many lifestyle factors, such as whether a female wants to get pregnant or not. Menstrual irregularities treatment is required due to anovulatory bleeding, such as infrequent periods, irregular periods, and absent periods). According to our gynecologist, Moreover, two types of complications occur during menstruation:

  • Cyclic progestin
  • Oral contraceptives

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Menstruation irregularities – Symptoms and Diagnosis at Zaib Hospital Lahore

Our gynecologist at Zaib Medical Center discusses the sign and symptoms of painful menstruation. The primary and main sign of menstruation is bleeding from the vagina. Additional symptoms include:

Causes Of Menstruation Irregularities:

Menstruation treatment for an underlying disease that is causing menstrual complications, such as nutritional therapy and counseling for an eating disorder. Menstruation treatment required due to ovulatory bleeding (prolonged or heavy menstrual bleeding) include

  • Use of many medications (such as those containing tranexamic acid or progestin) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Insertion of a hormone-releasing intrauterine device
  • Surgical removal of polyps or uterine fibroids
  • Hysterectomy
  • Uterine artery embolization, a procedure to block blood flow to the uterus
  • Endometrial ablation, a procedure to cauterize (remove or close off by burning) blood vessels in the endometrial lining of the uterus

Menstruation Treatment at Zaib Hospital Lahore

Treatment for dysmenorrhea also known as painful periods include:

  • Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Applying a heating pad to the abdomen
  • Taking contraceptives, including birth control pills or injectable hormone therapy, using less or varied common menstruation treatment schedules

Menstruation treatment in Lahore is provided by Zaib hospital Lahore. Our gynecologist is the best doctor in Lahore who is efficient and experienced to provide you with the best treatment with Chinese herbal treatment. Dr. Goufin Liu is the best gynecologist in our hospital who is working for the last twenty years in this field and serving females.

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