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It is one of the most common gynecological symptoms. This disorder can occur before and after menstruation. It causes lower abdominal pain, bulge, accompanied by backache, or another discomfort. This disorder seriously affects the quality of life. It is consists of two types one is primary dysmenorrhea and the other is secondary. The primary one refers to the non-pelvic disease. It is accounting for more than 90% of dysmenorrhea. Secondary one refers to pelvic organic disease.

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Clinical Examination – Gynecologist and Urologist in Lahore – Zaib Hospital

  1. Primary dysmenorrhea in puberty is more common. It often happens in 1 ~ 2 years after the onset of menstruation.
  2. Pain more than since the menstrual cramps began. It first appeared in the first 12 hours before the day through the most severe pain. It sustained 2 to 3 days after the relief.
  3. Sometimes it associates with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms. It is serious when looking white and cold sweat.
  4. Gynecological examination without exception was found.

Diagnosis of Dysmenorrhea – Best Ultrasound in Lahore – Best Chinese Hospital in Lahore

According to the menstrual period and abdominal pain with positive signs, it can be diagnosed easily. Endometriosis, uterine adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease caused by secondary dysmenorrhea.

Treatment – Hymenoplasty Surgery in Lahore – Zaib Medical Center

It is a common disease in women. Especially after marriage or after childbirth, dysmenorrhea will naturally ease or disappear without treatment, except for individual cases. But the pain of dysmenorrhea for up to 3 days should be treated.

General – Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome – Medicine for irregular periods in Pakistan

(1) Give attention to psychological treatment to eliminate tension and concern.

(2) Adequate rest and sleep with regular and moderate exercise can help in its treatment.

(3) Quit smoking also helps in its treatment.

(3) Pain cannot stand when supplemented by drug treatment.