Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain in Females

Causes of lower abdominal pain in females
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Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain in Females

Gynecological Inflammation:

Women are most likely to suffer from the disease like gynecological inflammation. Once suffering from gynecological inflammation will lead to lower abdominal pain. This situation may also accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge. The gynecological inflammations and pelvic inflammatory disorders mostly occurred in women of childbearing age. The female who once suffers from pelvic inflammatory disease will lead to pain on the one side of the abdomen or both sides. It may also be associated with the emergence of leucorrhea and so on. If pelvic inflammatory disease is a chronic then female faces lower abdominal pain occurs, back pain or heavy feeling and other symptoms . For patients with acute gynecological inflammation, the will face abdominal pain and fever.

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Menstrual Factors:

Women’s monthly menstruation is also one of the causes of lower abdominal pain. Many women before menstrual period will face lower abdominal pain. In addition to menstrual period, many women will be accompanied by the body discomfort. We usually call this pain as dysmenorrhea. If patient is young then dysmenorrhea is generally primary. No special treatment is require. It can be heal by itself. If dysmenorrhea is diagnosed after the marriage then it is mostly caused by gynecological diseases. So experts recommend female friends to get early treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea.

Uterine Inflammation:

If the uterus is with some inflammation, then it will leads to women with abdominal pain and other conditions, such as endometriosis, etc. This disease will generally in the ovaries, uterus, and rectum near the formation of mass. It results abdominal pain in women during the premenstrual period as well as during menstrual period. In addition to many women who are suffering from uterine inflammation feels pain during sexual intercourse. So women, who are feeling pain during sexual intercourse, must be treated as soon as possible.

Ovulation Factors:

Many women during the ovulation will also faces the emergence of lower abdominal pain. Experts pointed out that the emergence of this situation is due to follicle caused by rupture. But this situation generally will not affect the health of women. It is also without any adverse consequences.

Pregnancy-Related Diseases:

Pregnancy-related diseases caused by abdominal pain. It can be seen in threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc. Ectopic pregnancy abortion can cause intra-abdominal hemorrhage. The pain is different from the rate of bleeding.

Acute Appendicitis:

It is a common female abdominal pain. It belongs to the surgical disease. But first we need to distinguish between gynecological diseases. About 70% to 80% of patients began to feel the upper abdomen or umbilical pain for few hours. After this it transfers to the right lower abdominal pain. Simple appendicitis abdominal pain is confined to the right lower abdomen. It can be persistent or paroxysmal pain. Suppurative appendicitis pain is mostly paroxysmal pain. Necrotizing appendicitis began to be sustained jumping, abdominal pain range expanded, increased degree. It is often accompanied by loss of appetite and constipation. The disease generally requires surgical resection.

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