Amenorrhea Treatment, Diagnosis and Examination


Amenorrhea Diagnosis and Treatment

It is a state of irregular absence of menstruation. The disease is caused by change in pathophysiological behavior of females. It is a clinical symptom not a disease. According to the reproductive axis lesions and dysfunctional parts, it is divided into hypothalamic, pituitary amenorrhea, ovarian, uterine and lower genital dysplasia amenorrhea.

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The disease is divided into primary and secondary, physiological and pathological category. Primary amenorrhea refers to age> 14 years old. Sexual characteristics do not develop at this age. Secondary one is refers to age>16. Sexual characteristics de

Amenorrhea Classification

velops at this age level. Secondary one refers to the normal menstrual cycle after the establishment of menstrual cessation for more than 6 months. According to their own original menstrual cycle to stop more than three cycles of physiological amenorrhea refers to pregnancy, lactation and menopause after menstruation. Pathological one is directly or indirectly from the central nervous system.


  1. History

Its proper diagnosis is including menstrual history, marriage history, medication history, uterine surgery history and family history. The diagnosis also includes possible causes and associated symptoms such as environmental changes, mental trauma, emotional stress, athletic occupation or excessive exercise, nutritional status and headache.

  1. Check

The clinical examination includes physical examination, gynecological examination, hormone level determination, chromosome examination, imaging examination, basal body temperature determination, and hysteroscopy.


(A) Physical Examination:

Amenorrhea physical examination is Includes intelligence, height, body weight, secondary sexual development, malformations, thyroid enlargement, breast galactorrhea, and skin color and hair distribution.

(B) Gynecological examination

In this examination doctors check internal and external genital development and the presence or absence of deformity. Married women can check the vaginal and cervical mucus to understand the level of estrogen in the body.


Some patients can recover menstruation after treating the cause of amenorrhea.

Like psychological counseling can effectively treat mental stress patients. Weight loss causes by amenorrhea can be treated by adjusting the nutrition plan. ZhongBa Hospital’s gynecologist treats it through Chinese medicines.

According to the cause of amenorrhea and its pathology, doctors use the targeted endocrine drugs to correct the level of hormonal disorders. Like CAH patients should be used for long-term treatment of glucocorticoids. For significant manifestations of hyperaldosteremia signs of PCOS patients can be used estrogen and progesterone combined oral contraceptive treatment. The treatment can restore the patient’s menstrual period, some patients can restore ovulation.

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