Miscarriage Causes, Symptoms and Treatment



Accidentally pregnancy termination or pregnancy that ends on its own refers as miscarriage.

Symptoms of Miscarriage:

The most common and early symptoms of vaginal bleeding are following:

 The vaginal bleeding continues for several days. It may continue for weeks but generally the bleeding is very less. Women suffering from miscarriage have faint pain feeling. Sometimes lower abdominal pain is accompanied by little vaginal bleeding.

Severe abdominal pain with heavy vaginal bleeding represents the late symptoms of miscarriage. They may also encounter the cervix blockage problem.

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Reasons and Causes of Miscarriage:

If both husband and wife or even one from them has chromosomal abnormalities then embryos are unable to develop normally. When embryo is failure to progress then it causes miscarriage. Corpus luteum insufficiency causes pregnancy termination.

Environmental factors also play a major role. Excessive exposure to certain harmful chemicals (such as arsenic, benzene, lead, formaldehyde, chloroprene, ethylene oxide, etc.) causes miscarriage. Physical factors such as radiation, noise and high temperature become its common reason.

Maternal factors are also one of its big reasons. Women suffering from acute illness, fever, bacterial toxins, viruses, severe anemia are the reasons of miscarriage. Genital disorders such as uterine malformations and poor uterine development are its cause.

How to Prevent Miscarriage from Happening?

To prevent this disorder both male and female should go to hospital for examination. The examination includes genital examination as well as other tests. For treatment purpose doctors can conduct chromosomes examinations. Those females who become pregnant and after pregnancy they went to hospital then they should follow their gynecologist instructions.

Miscarriages also happen because of female infertility issues. So in this case there comes a lot of pressure on female to get its better treatment in mean time.


Most of the causes of pregnancy failure for pregnant women are corpus luteum dysfunction, hypothyroidism, congenital uterine malformations, uterine dysplasia, uterine adhesions, uterine fibroids, chromosomal abnormalities, autoimmune, blood group incompatibility and so on. Or male semen abnormalities, chromosomal abnormalities lead to the proposed preoperative examination to understand the reasons for miscarriage and identify the cause. Then doctors provide targeted treatment to patients.

Some cases of pregnancy failure can be cured with the help of medicines like Chinese herbal medicines. In addition female should pay attention to the following things before pregnancy:

  • Before pregnancy go to good hospital like ZhongBa Hospital for regular examination and test.
  • In mid-pregnancy you should start regular parental care. If doctors found any abnormal circumstances then they will guide you how to deal with it.
  • Women should pay attention to proper diet. Females should take some vitamins in their diet. It’s better for them to eat fruits and vegetables on regular basis.
  • Female should make their selves comfortable. Their mood has a high impact on pregnancy.

In ZhongBa hospital in Lahore we treat miscarriage through Chinese herbal medicines. If miscarriage is caused because of infertility reasons then we first find its reason and then we treat it according to that. We have Chinese male and female infertility specialists in our hospital.

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