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Being pregnant is the most blissful period of any women’s life. This is the time when women experience extreme transformation in themselves and give birth to a new life. During pregnancy, it is the wish of every woman to ensure the best baby health and avoid any complication or abnormality on her account to ensure the safe delivery of last. To ensure the ultimately safe pregnancy a woman must track down their pregnancy week by week to understand the changes and improvements in their body along with studying the reactions or effects as well. It is highly recommended to every pregnant lady visit her gynecologist at the very beginning of her pregnancy to keep the best check on her fetus’s health and development.

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Pregnancy Week By Week – Best Gynecologist at Zaib Medical Center

The whole pregnancy is of 41 weeks normally. The 1st trimester starts just after the fertilization and implantation take place. It ranges from the 2nd week to the 13th one and the growth and development of heartbeat, eyelids, nose, and mouth take place. The baby grows up to a bean shape in this tenure.

In the second trimester, fingerprints forms. The heart pumps almost 25 quarts of blood, baby cartilage turning into bones, and hearing sense develops. The 14th to 27th weeks of pregnancy are part of this trimester.

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Now comes the final zone of the baby’s development, the third trimester based on the 28th to 41st week of pregnancy. In this trimester, the baby can blink eyes, develop real hairs, fingernails, toenails, and billions of neurons in the brain. Moreover, the baby put on weight almost to 7 pounds and more than 19 inches long.

Know Your Changes

By keeping the track of your pregnancy you will be able to know the changes in your body and can discuss them with the doctor easily. You will have an idea of all the minor developments in your and baby’s life. This will also help you to avoid any complications as a week-by-week follow-up will let you know the normal conditions and your conditions that help to calculate the difference. You can go through the pregnancy week-by-week guide.

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The pregnancy week by week checklist or monitoring not only ensures the mother and baby’s health but also lets you know when the time is right to be prepared. Commonly, the estimated delivery time is not a specified or sure one; there is always a little change in it. The conditions will not bother you much and help you to make up your mind about the final act.

If you face any problem in your pregnancy like you face frequent miscarriages or you want to conduct a Down syndrome examination or you want to know how to get pregnant then visit our hospital. We have a Chinese female gynecologist in Lahore in our hospital.