Down Syndrome Examination, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Down Syndrome Examination in Lahore

Down syndrome is due to congenital chromosomal abnormalities. Most of the twenty-one pairs of chromosomes in the genetic division cause errors. It causing the nucleus to contain additional chromosomes.

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Down Syndrome Symptoms:

Down syndrome children, appearance and physical appearance have a lot of obvious symptoms. They are less intelligent than normal children. Usually, their IQ is only 40 to 60. Children with this disease are inactive and their muscle tension is low. They learn to sit and walk later than normal children. They have a very special appearance. It is easy to identify. Due to suffering from the disease, the children are usually far away from the eyes, eyes up the slope. The bridge of the nose is flat. Mouth, teeth, and ears are small. Most patient’s palm pattern was apeing (commonly known as broken palm). Their fingers are special hoof-like, the first and second pairs of toes had wide distance.

Down Syndrome Treatment in Lahore:

No invention can improve the mentally handicapped intelligence. Early therapy treatment can help the patients to live in society. Speech therapy also plays an important role. However, diseases are often associated with other diseases such as respiratory infections, gastrointestinal obstruction, congenital heart disease, and thyroid dysfunction. You can cure or control these diseases.


On average its incidence rate is 1/600. While the elderly maternal birth of a baby, the incidence of more than 5 times higher. Male patients are mostly infertile. Female patients inherited to the next generation of opportunities can be as high as 1/2. In addition, 5% of patients are translocation type. This type of heredity is high, has nothing to do with the mother’s age, can also have no family history. So the patient must accept the chromosome diagnosis and go for a Down syndrome examination.

In the early pregnancy test, fetal tissue is examined by auxiliary ultrasound scanners to see the fetus’s head, hands, and feet. You can determine whether the fetus suffering from Down’s syndrome or not. Through which the parents decide whether the need for abortion.

We provide Down syndrome examination or diagnosis facilities in our hospital. We have Chinese female gynecologist Dr. Guofen Liu in our hospital to examine it. She has extensive experience in handling these kinds of gynecological problems.

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