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Endocrine Disorders:

Everybody has an endocrine system which secretes all kinds of hormones and nervous system to regulate the body's metabolic and physiological functions. Under normal circumstances all kinds of hormones remains in balance. If for some reason this balance is broken then it causes endocrine disorders. Both men and women may experience endocrine diseases.


The relation of endocrine in the woman is like fish and water. Women will encounter a lot of physical troubles in life that are related to endocrine system. It is so important but so mysterious. Hormones are intimately links to women's health. Hormonal changes are always outstanding in women. So women should care about it.


The body will secrete more than 75 kinds of hormones. They play their respective roles in human body. 21-22 years old is the peak of youth. But this time is also the end of the endocrine system function of the period. From the age of 25, the body's hormone secretion will drop by 15%. Every 10 years the rate of decline, the body's organs began to shrink atrophy, the skin was bleak, poor spirit.  At the age of 60 years, the hormone secretion is only about 1/5 as compared to young person. Patients should get treatment in time. They can use Chinese and Western medicine conditioning. For the problem of endocrine disorders, Western medicines are used to maintain the balance of hormones. For different causes, symptoms and physical conditions there will be different treatment methods. We also treat endocrine diseases through Chinese herbal medicines. We have Chinese female gynecologist in our hospital who provides its treatment.


The Reason of Endocrine Problems:

1, Physiological factors: Experts point out that the body's endocrine hormones generally grow with age and disorders. With age, women tend to ignore it. 2, Nutritional factors: adequate and appropriate nutrition is require to maintain the normal physiological function of the body. 3, Environmental factors: serious environmental pollution is a major factor in female endocrine disorders. Especially in the air there are many toxic gases. These gases enter into the human body. After a series of chemical reactions it leads to menstrual disorders, endocrine diseases and many other issues. 4, Emotional factors: emotional factors are also an important reason. Experts said that if people are in a state of tension then it will reflect on the nervous system. It results in hormone secretion disorders.

Harms Caused by Endocrine Disorders:

Endocrine problems can trigger a variety of gynecological diseases. It is like physical and spiritual torture to females. These diseases are more serious and even threaten the health and life of women. 1, Breast Disease:
  • Breast pain.
  • Breast hyperplasia.
2, Uterine fibroids: Its incidence in women of childbearing age is accounts for 20% -25%. 3, Irregular menstruation. 5, Obesity: Body fat tissue in the excessive storage of triglycerides, and endocrine has a great relationship. These disorders can affect the metabolism of fat. Which is why in this age many people eat very little food will fat up. 6, Infertility: These disorders cause infertility. Then females asks question from doctors that how to get pregnant? Or why we are facing problem in getting pregnant? 7, Dysmenorrhea:  This disease is mostly found in the young women. It is also referred as painful menstruation. 8, Amenorrhea: Woman age 18 years old, has not yet menarche, or has been interrupted and interrupted for more than 3 months. 9, White hair: Endocrine problems also cause white hair disorder at early stage of life. 10, Cancer: Endocrine is involves in regulating the body's organ metabolism and function. This process and the occurrence of cancer pathology are directly related to many women's cancer from endocrine disorders.

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