LEEP Knife Technology for Cervical Diseases Treatment

LEEP Knife Technology for Cervical Diseases Treatment

LEEP Knife Technology for Cervical Diseases Treatment

LEEP knife technology is used for the treatment of various cervical lesions. It consists of a tungsten ring wire electrode. It is currently the most advanced treatment of cervical erosion.

Technical Principle:

LEEP knife technology uses high-frequency radio knife. LOOP wire from the electrode tip produces 3.8 MHz UHF radio waves. When it comes in contact with the body, the organization itself produces impedance. The absorption of radio waves produces high heat, so that the formation of intracellular water vapor waves to complete a variety of cutting. It does not affect the edge of the organization of pathology. The High-frequency electric knife and the traditional principle of the electric knife are different. The traditional electric knife is the impedance of the electrode itself. The current generates heat to achieve the purpose of surgery. The output frequency is 0.3-1.0 MHz.

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Treatment Characteristics:

1) Pain: In the course of treatment patients do not feel any pain. The surgery will not leave ugly scars. Through this patients can better avoid bleeding or other complications such as infection.

2) Good effect: It completely cures cervical erosion.

3) Short operation time: LEEP knife’s most obvious advantage is that it replaced the traditional scalpel. The entire operation time is very short. It only takes 3-5 minutes. It is very safe and painless procedure.

4) Spend less: The use of LEEP knife treatment only needs local anesthesia. It can be completes in the hospital clinic. There is no need for hospitalization. So the cost is very much less.

5) Adaptation: In addition to cervicitis, Germany UHF LEEP knife technology can also cure cervical polyps, cervical hypertrophy, cervical genital warts, and cervical precancerous lesions of patients.

6) Safe Surgery: Germany UHF LEEP knife has upgraded functionality, so that patients feel less pain. That’s why this surgery is more secure.

Technical Advantages:

The fifth generation of the United States intelligent high frequency radio waves

  1. It’s a one-time cure. It will not relapse.
  2. Trauma is small. Its incision is smooth. It leaves no scar. It will not affect the reproductive function and the quality of life of couples.
  3. Little pain. No pain, surgical complications (bleeding, infection) is very less.
  4. Short course of treatment: Surgery time is very short. Only 5 minutes are required to complete the operation. Patients do not need any hospitalization. It does not affect the work and study.
  5. Tissue specimen is complete. Carbonization phenomenon cannot affect the pathological examination of the intact tissue specimens.

Postoperative Precautionary Measurements:

The wound takes about 2 months to heal. During this time gynecologist advises to avoid the same room as far as possible. Because the same room will not only become a cause of mechanical stimulation of cervical wound healing, but also may cause vaginal inflammation. Thus it affects the normal cervical tissue repair. After treatment, often due to wound healing, there will be a lot of vaginal discharge. It sometimes brings some inconvenience. Pay attention to keep the vulva clean. Dilute the vulva, but does not use own vaginal suppository or vaginal washing.

If necessary, then use sanitary pads. Visit hospital after one month of treatment in order to understand the healing of cervical wounds in order to recover sooner. In the postoperative week review the wound. Keep record of the wound repair, vaginal bleeding and secretions, tracing the pathological results. After the first menstrual bleeding, again review it in order to understand the situation of cervical repair.

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