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It is one of the common diseases of gynecology. It includes cervical inflammation of the vagina and cervical mucosal inflammation. Clinically more common cervicitis is acute cervicitis. If acute cervicitis didn’t diagnose and treated in time then it can lead to chronic cervicitis.

The incidence of this problem is very high. Many women didn’t take this problem seriously. If the disease is not timely treated, it is likely to bring serious consequences to patients. So, we should be active in its treatment.

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  • Acute cervicitis

(1) Sexually transmitted diseases or pathogens like Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis, mainly seen in high-risk groups of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Chronic cervicitis

Chronic cervix inflammation can be extended from acute cervical inflammation. Persistent infection caused by pathogens. Pathogens and acute cervicitis are similar.

Cervicitis Cause Infertility – Gynecologist and Urologist in Lahore | Zaib Medical Center

It causes leucorrhea to increase. Patients feel very embarrassing. It affects the patient’s mood. The patient becomes irritable, nervous, and they fear. Especially in the summer, leucorrhea will wet the underwear.

It leads to female infertility situation. There are many reasons, such as in childbirth, abortion or some cervical surgery caused, because the infection or health is not in place, resulting in the occurrence of inflammation. If it is not timely treated then it leads to cervical erosion. It creates difficulty for women to get pregnant.

It is a cause of miscarriage. The emergence of the disease causes a decline in the elasticity of the cervix. It results in internal changes in the organization. It also affects sexual life. The patient feels pain at the time of sexual intercourse. If it didn’t cure earlier then it can lead to cervical diseases like erosion, polyps, cysts, and other diseases.

Symptoms – Hymenoplasty surgery in Lahore – Chinese Hospital in Lahore

Increased vaginal bleeding is a symptom of cervicitis. About 70% -80% of patients face vaginal bleeding scenes. Vaginal discomfort, vaginal itching, and increased leucorrhea are also symptoms. The patient feels lower abdominal and lumbosacral pain. When the inflammation spreads around the bladder then the patient faces frequent urination. Sticky leucorrhea is not conducive to sperm penetration. So it causes infertility.

We must understand the clinical symptoms because they cause serious harm. To avoid the occurrence of disease hazards, we must correctly understand the clinical symptoms. The disease symptomatic treatment can get a good effect.

Cervicitis Treatment Methods – Best Ultrasound in Lahore

  • Drug treatment

Drug treatment refers to the use of traditional Chinese medicine and antibiotics. Medicine treatment has no trauma and it is a convenient method. It does not damage the uterus. Our gynecologist mostly prefers this treatment.

  • Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a local minimally invasive treatment based. The principle of physical therapy is the destruction of the epithelium of cervical lesions and then recovering with lesions of the site. So that the cervix becomes smooth, to achieve the purpose of treatment.