Cervical Erosion | Cervical Ectropion

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Cervical Erosion | Cervical Ectropion

Cervical ectropion is cervix disease. Cervix is one of the major parts of female reproductive system. In this disease cells starts to grow on cervix. This disease causes vaginal discharge. Cervical erosion Treatment is a symptom of chronic cervicitis. Its treatment depends upon the severity of the disease. Different level of severity has different treatment method. This disease is mostly found in females of childbearing age. But women of any age can fall prey to this disease. Its causes are still unclear.


It symptoms mostly includes:

  • Vaginal discharge.
  • Pain while having intercourse.
  • Bleeding during sex.
  • Spotting between periods.

Treatment of Mild Cervical Erosion:

It must be treated earlier. Many of the severe erosion patients are suffering from it due to their own negligence towards cervical ectropion treatment. As usual in mild erosion or less erosion, the patient can be selected in the treatment of local medicine essentials. As the topical drugs are mostly suppositories and detergents. At the moment there are many related drugs are present in the market. We at ZhongBa Hospital suggest patients to go hospital first. Then consult their gynecologist about it. They should not blindly buy their own drugs. During the course of treatment patient should regularly visit their gynecology hospital.

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Treatment of Moderate Cervical Ectropion:

Drug Treatment:

The usage of drug is the most common treatment of cervical erosion. Many hospitals use this method to treat light and moderate cervical ectropion. But the drug treatment cannot be completely curing it. Its medication cycle is longer.

Physical Therapy:

A few years ago the hospitals more commonly used these treatment essentials, including local freezing, laser, scouring, and microwave and Pum light therapy. The treatment cycle is 7-10 days.

Chinese Medicine Treatment:

Our female gynecologist also provides treatment through Chinese traditional medicines.

Treatment of Severe Erosion:

Server cervical ectropion treatment is best possible with the help of LEEP Knife Technology. The treatment of severe cervical erosion is kind of surgery. The patients mostly prefer LEEP knife treatment. The benefits of this treatment are:

  • There is no trauma
  • No scars after surgery
  • Does not affect Birth
  • After a month can be restored.

Leep knife is a good treatment essential, but after treatment we still have to seriously the following:

  • Clean the cervix after the first menstrual and review it.
  • 3 months after treatment in accordance with the pathological effects of whether to choose TCT or colposcopy and so on.
  • After its treatment do not have sex for at least on month.
  • Check the postoperative conditions weekly. Record the wound repair environment, vaginal bleeding and exudate environment, tracing the pathological effect.

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