Cervical Erosion Symptoms and Causes

Cervical Erosion Symptoms

Cervical Erosion Symptoms and Causes

Cervical ectopy or ectropion , is develops when the glandular cells lining of the cervical canal increases the outer surfaces of the cervix. Outer layer of the cervix normally contains the hard cells, also known as epithelial cell. There are two types of cells in the zone refers as transformation Zone. The cervix is refers as Neck of the uterus wall, where the uterus connects with the wall of the vagina. This condition is known as “Cervical Erosion”. This name is not set properly, but the situation is regarded as misleading. The cervix in this condition is not really eroding. Cervical erosion symptoms are very common in women who are pregnant. At this stage, women are at risk of getting the disease. The causes of cervical erosion are not cancerous and does not affect fertility. It is not refers as a disease, even known as the common problems of the women.

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Initially symptoms are not visible at the start of the disease. As this conditions are in progressive stage, the symptoms are shown gradually. Cervical erosion symptoms of this condition are infection or inflammation, endometriosis, problems with your pregnancy, fibroids or polyps, cervical, uterine, or another type of cancer and problems with your IUD.  Some other cervical ectropion symptoms include light mucus with discharge, spotting having period pain or bleeding during the intercourse time. For many women, the cervical erosion symptoms are more severe. The discharge becomes more nuisance, pain interferes in sexual enjoyment. The causes of cervical ectropion are more common during last two months of pregnancy. The main reason of the disease is that the glandular cells are delicate as compared to epithelial cells. There is more production of mucus and forces to bleed more. For this condition, you may have to conquer with the specialist

Causes of Cervical Ectropion

This is not possible to find the right cause of cervical ectropion. Many women are born with this condition. This condition may lead due to any hormonal fluctuation. So, it’s very common in the reproductive stage of the female. The common age like teenagers, old women and pregnant women use control pills or some patches which contain high level of estrogen. If the cervical ectropion is developed during taking estrogen containing contraceptives and the cervical ectropion symptoms are switched on during birth. This disease is discovered during the routine pap test and pelvic examination. The condition is visible during the pelvic examination that will appear red or bright red and not look like normal condition. There is might bleeding during the examination. Although, there is no association between the walls of epithelial cells or glandular cells.

Gynecologist at Lahore find the treatment of cervical ectropion with the help of pap test. This test also helps to find out the cervical cancer. If there is no any specific symptoms, the Pap test results shown as normal, but you don’t need any further testing for the identification. Doctors at ZhongBa hospital provides you the best treatment of cervical ectropion. Our Chinese female gynecologist also treat it through latest LEEP knife technology.

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