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Vaginitis Treatment

Vaginitis is vaginal inflammation. Vaginal anterior and posterior wall are close to the vaginal epithelial cells in the estrogen. They are under the influence of hyperplasia and surface cell keratosis. The vaginal pH value is uses to maintain balance. So that the adaptation of alkaline pathogens was inhibited, and cervical mucus was alkaline. The pathogens easily invades in when vaginal natural defense function destroys. It leads to vaginal inflammation. So vaginitis treatment is very much necessary. Under normal circumstances aerobic and anaerobic bacteria stay in the vagina. It is refers as normal vaginal flora. The break of ecological balance between the vagina and the flora cause the formation of conditional pathogens. Clinically common types of vaginitis are:
  1. Bacterial vaginitis.
  2. Candidiasis vaginitis.
  3. Trichomonas vaginitis.
  4. Senile vaginitis.
  5. Young female vaginitis.

Bacterial Vaginitis

Normal vagina produces hydrogen peroxide Lactobacillus dominant. Bacterial vaginitis have deficiency of intravaginal lactobacillus, Gardner and anaerobic bacteria caused by increased endogenous mixed infection.

Candida Vaginitis

(1) 80% to 90% of the pathogen is Candida albicans. The acidic environment is easy to grow for the bifid bacteria. (2) Conditional pathogens (yeast phase → hyphae). (3) Common incentives: pregnancy, diabetes, a large number of applications of immunosuppressive agents and broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Trichomonas Vaginitis

(1) Before and after menstruation vaginal pH changes. Its value is close to neutral after menstruation. Trichomoniasis is easy to breed. (2) The patient's vaginal pH is generally 5.0 ~ 6.5, mostly> 6.0. (3) Often coexist with other vaginitis.

Senile Vaginitis

Postmenopausal women due to ovarian function decline have decreased estrogen levels. Vaginal wall atrophy, mucosal thinning, increased vaginal pH, local resistance decreased, other pathogens over-breeding or easy invasion of inflammation and mainly aerobic bacteria. ZhongBa Hospital in Lahore have Chinese gynecologist. She provides vaginitis treatment. Her name is Dr. Guofen Liu.

Clinical manifestations

1. Bacterial vaginitis

10% to 40% of patients are without clinical symptoms. Symptoms are mainly manifested as increased vaginal secretions and fishy smell. Especially it increases after sexual intercourse. It may be associated with mild genital itching or burning sensation. Check the vaginal mucosa no congestion of the inflammatory manifestations, secretions characterized by gray, uniform, thin, long adhesion in the vaginal wall.

2. Candida vaginitis

(1) Genital itching, burning, sexual intercourse pain. (2) Frequent urination, dysuria. Dysuria is characterizes by urination and edema of the vulva and vestibular lead to pain. (3) Characteristic secretions: white thick curd or bean dregs. (4) Vulvitis - pattern erythema, edema, scratches. (5) Vaginitis - edema, erythema, white membranous.

3. Trichomonas vaginitis

(1) Vaginal secretions increased features are thin purulent, yellow-green, foam, smell. (2) The genital itching parts are vaginal opening and vulva. (3) Infertility: Trichomonas vaginitis can swallow sperm. It hinder the generation of lactic acid and affecting its survival in the vagina.

4. Senile vaginitis

Vaginal secretions increased, genital itching and often accompanied by sexual intercourse pain.

Vaginitis Treatment

1. Bacterial vaginosis

The principle of treatment is the selection of anti-anaerobic drugs, mainly metronidazole, tinidazole, clindamycin. (1) Oral drugs: preferred metronidazole. (2) Local drug treatment. (3) Sexual partners do not need routine vaginitis treatment.

2. Candida Vaginitis

(1) To eliminate incentives: If a person has diabetes then it should be given an active treatment, timely suspension of broad-spectrum antibiotics, estrogen and cortisol. Piling underwear, used underwear, pots, towels are used to wash from the water. (2) Systemic medication (recurrent or not vaginal administration of patients): fluconazole, itraconazole, ketoconazole.

3. Trichomonas Vaginitis

(1) Vaginal topical: metronidazole vaginal effervescent tablets or 0.75% metronidazole gel, 1% lactic acid or 0.5% acetic acid solution can relieve symptoms. (2) Systemic treatment: the first treatment of optional metronidazole, once the side effects should be discontinued. Metronidazole during the medication and withdrawal within 24 hours, tinidazole during the withdrawal and withdrawal within 72 hours of drinking, lactation medication should not breast-feed. (3) Sexual partners should be treated at the same time. They should be cured before the unprotected sexual intercourse.

4. Senile vaginitis

The principle of senile vaginitis treatment for the addition of estrogen, enhance vaginal immunity, inhibit bacterial growth.

5. Young female vaginitis

The way of treatment is to keep the vulva clean, symptomatic treatment, and for the pathogen antibiotics are used.

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