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Vaginal Infection

Female friends if their daily life they do not pay much attention to health. Then they got vaginal infection by bacteria. It also leads to vaginitis.

Symptoms of Infections:

The most common are follows:

Genital discomfort: It includes varying degrees of genital itching. Generally there is no obvious time of itching. But in the rest state and tension mood itching becomes more obvious. There are different degrees of external burning sensation. Some patients feel pain during sexual intercourse.

Abnormal leucorrhea: leucorrhea significantly increased because of vaginal infection. It’s a thin paste. Its color is grayish yellow or milky yellow.  It has a special fish stench. As the alkaline prostatic fluid can cause amines released. So the patient feels increase in odor. In menstrual period the vaginal PH value increased because of infection. So menstruation smell also increases. Very few vaginitis patients will face lower abdominal pain, sexual difficulties and abnormal urination.

Precautionary Measurement:

First patient should not wear tight pants and chemical fiber underwear. She should wear breathable, dry cotton products. Do not always use cleaning fluid to avoid flora. Do not use pads in addition to menstrual period. Underwear should always be boiled with boiling water.

Secondly patient such as adhere to a reasonable, healthy sex life. The infected person should pay attention to sex life. She should not be too frequently having sex.

Third the diabetic patients should be within the normal control of blood sugar. Patient should not abuse drugs and immunosuppressive agents.

Fourth is after the toilet the application of toilet paper from the front to the direction of cleaning the lower body, to avoid the rectal bacteria to go into the vagina.

Fifth is tried to swim as little as possible, because candida viability is very strong in water. So women had great chance to get vaginal infection during swimming.

Early treatment of infections is very much necessary. Our gynecologist Dr. Guofen Liu provides treatment of vaginal infection through Chinese medicines.

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