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Breast Disease

Breast Disease:

Breast disease physically and mentally affects women's health. These diseases are divided into five categories mastitis, breast hyperplasia, breast fibroids, breast cysts, breast cancer. The risk factors of breast disease are complex. Such as if not timely treat or improper treatment it may lead to life-threatening problems.

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Breast Development Stages

Childhood Period:

About a week of birth, 60% of newborn children nipples are of bean size and appears below. At this time do not squeeze and do not rub the breast. Let it alone. About 3 weeks later, the baby himself adjusted the balance of the body and the breast naturally returned to normal state.

Teenage period

From 9 to 10 years of age the breast due to ovarian hormone stimulation causes the emergence of milk nuclei. It slowly increased to 15 years of age. At that time it forms the basic shape. But at first some people may be have different breast sizes. With the development of the body these difference will naturally disappear.
  • Although the size of the breast and genetics have a great relationship, but at this time to lay the foundation will appear extraordinary play. We can work in two ways. One is to do more chest movement, such as push-ups, swimming and a variety of ball games, at any time to keep the chest abdomen. Second, pay attention to balanced nutrition, not a partial eclipse, in particular, add enough fat and water.
  • Wear bra at all times. The wearing bra too late affects the shape. If wear too early then it prevents the development of breast. Its wearing time can be judged by:
  • When nipples become obvious.
  • During running you feels the breast shaking.
  • When the breast outline is obvious.
  • If the upper and lower chest difference is greater than 16 cm, you can also wear bra.
In addition: bra should not be too tight. Bra wearing time should not be more than 12 hours per day.

Adulthood - Guidance by Dr. Gofiun Liu

In breast estrogen effects began to increase 7 to 10 days before menstruation. It lasts until the menstrual cramps hormone levels decreased. The breast gradually recovered to 7 to 8 days after menstrual return to normal. Degree of breast development during pregnancy is one of the important factors in determining the amount of milk secretion. Normal breast weight is about 200 grams. After pregnancy the weight of breast is up to 400 to 800 grams. Care principles: pregnancy breast massage. After 6 months of pregnancy, this method is used. The method is to hold the breast by hand since the bottom of the breast began to massage in the direction of the nipple. This is conducive to the production of milk.

After middle age

Due to ovarian secretion of hormones began to reduce the lack of estrogen stimulation of the breast gradually shrinking, glands gradually replaced by adipose tissue. Breast volume becomes smaller. Care principle: the incidence of breast disease at this time increased should do regular professional examination. On the sudden appearance of the abnormal feeling, changes in the shape of the breast volume, nipple discharge, etc. visit your gynecologist in Lahore immediately.

Breast Diseases in Detail:

Acute Mastitis:

It is the acute liver suppurate breast disease. Generally it is caused by Staphylococcus infection. This is more common in the firstborn lactation. Due to improper breastfeeding, poor milk outflow, breast duct obstruction, etc., the most prone to milk deposition, resulting in bacterial reproduction. Bacteria can retrograde from the nipple into the breast and spread to breast and causing breast disease.

Chronic Mastitis:

The onset of chronic inflammatory process is the beginning, due to poor milk accumulation of induration formation. It is characterized by slow onset, long course of breast disease. This is difficult to heal. Breast mass texture is hard, the border is unclear, there is tenderness, and skin adhesion. Not easy to become pus is not easy to dissipate. There is no typical swelling on breast and any pain feeling, fever, chills, fatigue and other systemic symptoms are not obvious.

Breast Hyperplasia

This breast disease occurred in middle-aged women. Often in the breast there are many different sizes and irregular nodules, and the surrounding organization boundaries are unclear. Patients often feel breast pain, increased premenstrual symptoms, and are a benign hyperplasia of the breast. Modern medicine is associated with endocrine disorders, ovarian dysfunction.

Breast Fibroids - Gynecologist at Zaib Medical Center

This breast disease is more common in young women. The body has too high estrogen. It can occur in one or both sides of the breast, usually single. Lumps for the oval or round, smooth surface, medium texture hardness, and the surrounding tissue boundaries clear, and the skin without adhesion, the mass is easy to be driven. The current treatment that is available is surgical treatment. But this treatment cannot be accepted by young women. Although the resection of local tumors, the body's endocrine disorders have not been corrected, it is easy to relapse, followed by leaving the mark on the breast.

Breast Cysts

Breast cyst is breast dysplasia. Cyst is a benign breast disease. It is mostly in the central breast. Cyst is around the nipple, especially in the upper nipple, often breast inflammation and history of breast trauma, resulting in large catheter mouth obstruction. Cyst is divided into two categories breast simple cyst and milk stasis. Breast simple cysts are breast cells secretory retention in the catheter and the formation of cysts, mass was round or oval, surface aura. Its boundary is clear. The milk deposition cyst is due to breast duct obstruction. Milk deposition and the formation of cysts are accompanied by red, swollen, hot, pain symptoms. Zaib Medical Center(ZhongBa Hospital) have female Chinese gynecologist provides treatment of breast diseases with the help of Chinese herbal medicines.

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