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Breast Hyperplasia Treatment in Lahore – Zaib Hospital Lahore

Mammary gland hyperplasia is the most common breast disease. It is also referred to as breast cystic hyperplasia disease. Including breast pain, breast Hyperplasia, fibers gland disease, fibrosis, increased raw disease, breast cancer. In recent years the incidence of the disease is increasing year by year and age is getting younger and younger. Hyperplasia of the mammary gland is a normal breast lobular physiological hyperplasia. It’s a normal breast structure disorder. It is neither inflammation nor tumor. Nearly 50% of women in the clinical manifestations face breast hyperplasia. Generally, it is more common in women of age 20-50. So gynecologist in Lahore recommends that it should be treated early.

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Breast Hyperplasia Treatment – Breast Specialist

The cause of breast hyperplasia is not yet clear. At present, endocrine disorders and mental factors are its causes. Loss of lutein secretion and increase in estrogens are important reasons. Mainly for benign hyperplasia of the breast, hyperplasia can occur in the gland around the size and accompanied by the size of the cyst formation. It can also occur in the duct. In addition, there is a type of lobular hyperplasia. In recent years, many scholars believe that elevated prolactin is also an important cause. Studies have shown that hormone receptors in the pathogenesis of breast hyperplasia also play an important role.

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Generally, it is believed that the nerve, immune and trace elements, and other factors can cause a variety of endocrine hormone imbalances. A variety of stress caused by neuropsychiatric factors can make the body’s internal environment changes. Thus it affects the function of the endocrine system. Then it makes certain or several hormones secretion abnormalities. For example, in the long-term tension and anxiety state the opioid tension increases. Thus neurotransmission medium environment changes, the occurrence of estrogen, leading to increased PRL secretion, and may cause or aggravate breast hyperplasia.

Clinical Manifestations

Breast pain: It is common for unilateral or bilateral breast pain or tenderness. Female faces the premenstrual onset of pain and after menstruation, the symptoms reduce or disappear. It must be noted that the periodicity of milk pain is typical of the disease, but the lack of this feature cannot deny the existence of the disease.

Sometimes may have nipple discharge. Breast within the size of the nodules are essentially some cystic dilatation of large, small milk tube, nipple discharge that is from these cysts, was yellow-green, brown or bloody, even for the colorless serous.

Menstrual disorders: The disease can also accompany by menstrual periods problems like dysmenorrhea.


Hyperplasia and breast fibroadenoma both can be seen with single or multiple breast lumps with tough textures. Breast hyperplasia breast lumps are mostly bilateral multiple. The mass size varies. The texture is generally soft, can also be tough. It is occasionally unilateral single. It is accompanied by premenstrual breast pain, touch also feels pain. The size of the breast mass traits can occur with the menstrual cycle changes.

Breast fibroadenoma mass is mostly single-sided. Lumps are mostly round or oval with a clear boundary. Their texture is generally tough. There are multiple hairs, but generally, there is no breast pain. It is only accompanied by mild menstrual breast discomfort, no tenderness. Breast mass size does not change due to the menstrual cycle. This disease is most common in females of 20-25 years of age. In addition, in mammography, breast fibroadenoma often showed a round or oval uniform density of the shadow and its unique ring transparent halo.

Breast Hyperplasia Treatment in Lahore

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Cystic hyperplasia can be treated with a large number of non-surgical treatments. Like our gynecologist in Lahore provides breast hyperplasia treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. The method can relieve pain before menopausal pain.

Under the guidance of a doctor: Western medicine has 5% potassium iodide. Severe pain patients can try methyltestosterone in the first week before menstruation, so as not to further disrupt the balance between human hormones.


Psychological treatment is very important. The mammary gland damages the human body than psychological damage. Due to the lack of correct understanding of the disease, adverse psychological factors excessive tension to worry about sadness, resulting in neurasthenia. It will increase endocrine disorders. People should pay more attention to psychological tolerance to maintain emotional stability. A lively and cheerful mood is beneficial for early rehabilitation.

  1. To prevent obesity eat fried foods, animal fat, sweets, and too much tonic food. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to eat more coarse grains. Black beans are the best food. Eat walnuts, black sesame seeds, black fungus, and mushrooms.
  2. Life should have a law of work and rest, to maintain a harmonious life. It can regulate endocrine disorders.
  3. Have more exercise to prevent obesity to improve immunity.
  4. Do not eat estrogen-fed chicken, beef.
  5. Have self-examination and regular review.

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