Acute Mastitis Treatment, Causes and Clinical Symptoms

Acute Mastitis Treatment

Acute Mastitis Treatment, Causes and Clinical Symptoms:

Mastitis is a common disease in women. According to the different causes it can be divides into acute suppurative mastitis, areola fistula and plasma cell mastitis. The most common is acute suppurative mastitis. Acute suppurative mastitis often occurs in lactation. Especially it occurs in the firstborn postpartum 1 to 2 months. It is also called acute lactation or puerperal suppurative mastitis. Chinese medicine expert calls it “milk carbuncle.” The incidence of acute mastitis is as high as 2% to 4%. Its incidence is one more than that of maternal mastitis. After the onset of abnormal maternal pain, you cannot continue to breast-feeding. It affects the health of the baby. So to prevent the late pregnancy, do puerperium care. It can be prevented. Chinese gynecologist in Lahore provides best acute mastitis treatment.

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Milk deposition is the basis of bacterial infection. Too much milk can be deposits into pieces. The silted milk is the best medium for bacteria. The pathogens are mostly staphylococcus aureus. A small number of pathogens are hemolytic streptococci. Through the nipple skin damage or breast infusion into the breast parenchyma, a large number of breeding and destruction of breast tissue happens. Nipple dysplasia, nipple depression, split, the breast duct row of milk is not smooth cause deposition. When breastfeeding time is too long, children “milk and sleep”, resulting in the erosion of the nipple surface. Sometimes children bite the nipple and bacteria breaks into.

Clinical Manifestations

The clinical manifestations of acute mastitis can be divided into three or three stages.

Redness Period:

Usually outside or inside the breast quadrant female feels sudden swelling with hard pain. The border becomes unclear and tenderness becomes more obvious. This period of breast inflammation is within the cellulitis stage, has not yet formed abscess. In this stage the breast skin color remains normal or reddish. Breast becomes slightly hot. Patient feels sudden high fever chills, swelling, and pus ulceration. These are associates with chest tightness, headache, and loss of appetite.

Abscess Formation:

Cellulitis stage failed to disperse in time. In this stage inflammation continues to develop, tissue necrosis, abscess formation is inevitable. Mass gradually increases and hardens. It increases pain.

Late Abscess:

Abscesses can be self-ulceration when mature, or surgical incision abscess. If the drainage is smooth, then there is local swelling with less pain. Body temperature remains normal. After dressing, wound heals within a month or so.

Clinical Examination:

Acute mastitis can be generally diagnose by clinical checkup by simple touching the breast. Doppler ultrasound can determine the location and size of abscess.

Acute Mastitis Treatment:

Acute mastitis treatment should be done as soon as possible. ZhongBa Hospital’s gynecologist treats it with Chinese herbal medicines. Acute mastitis to the formation of abscess stage, you need to cut the drainage in time. Because breast abscess often multi-room, need to use the fingers to separate multiple abscess connective tissue interval, drainage can be smooth. Breast abscess is best not to wait for their own ulceration. Because the abscess is often multiple or one after another, since the collapse of the broken cannot be completely drained.

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